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Have your body, mind & spirit soothed within the sanctuary of The Assemblage NoMad, 114 E 25th St, NY, NY.

Join a high vibe collective of healers as they bring their abundant gifts in the form of hands on healing modalities, music medicine & prayerful circles. We will share in a family way with one another for a restful and rejuvenating experience.

Tickets are $20, or free for Assemblage members and guests with the invitation code. Click here to learn more about joining The Assemblage community and getting special access and free entry to our community events!

Offerings from Practitioners:

Gordon Kindlon: Master of Ceremonies
Gordon McEwan Kindlon was born in Charleston, SC, in 1971, and grew up in Albany, New York. A natural doodler, and recipient of University of Illinois’ highest honors and BFA in 1993, Gordon did not plan a career as an artist. Instead, he worked around the world for the United Nations in conflict zones, fell in love in Afghanistan, opened a vegan cafe in Brooklyn, and made a baby. The break of that partnership, along with the bright calling of their child, led to both crisis and chrysalis. Gordon joined forces with PermaJam in 2015, and emerged on the street as UNLOK soon thereafter. Gordon and Stefanie met, like a few other amazing couples they know, at PermaJam 2016. Gordon is writing the book that explains it all, from encounters with Iraqi freedom fighters to cocktails with Hunter Thompson, to NYC watertower street art prayers, and arrests as UNLOK The Rubberstamp Bandit, UNLOK THIS BOOK weaves a riotous and epic yarn, calling out the truths of our times, and shining light on the work unfolding for all of us, now, in this most fertile lattice of honest and Earth-minded community.

Stefanie Frank: Organizer, Goddess Greeter, Mistress of Ceremonies, Intro to Rapé
Stefanie Frank balances a rich life of business, prayer, family & sacred arts. She is an Executive officer & head of merchandising @ Gem Financial Inc. Active in community building, she is a board member of numerous organizations including COSM (Alex Grey’s Church of Sacred Mirrors), Brooklyn Community Healthcare Network, ICEC (Indigenous Cultural Education Center), HUGS (Humans Unifying Global Solutions) & the ESKFF @ Mana Contemporary Arts Center.

Stefanie is a strong supporter of Indigenous Tribes from around the world. A member of The Assemblage, MAPS, DPA, Peace Accelerators & Brooklyn Puerto Rican Day Parade; she is also one of the core 4 organizing this year’s 3rd annual family-friendly PermaJam festival, bringing permaculture, live music, wellness & nature education to an upstate NY sanctuary, Blossom Dell. Her personal spiritual practice includes participating in & creating sacred ceremony. She is the happy mother of 3 adult children, all involved in creative arts. 

Spa Ship - Athena Llewellyn & Charles Day Halsey: Sound Healing, Massage
The Spa Ship is a Brooklyn-based delegation of sound healers and body/energy workers led by partners Athena Barat (aka Spathena) and Charles Day Halsey. They are both practitioners of harmonic sound healing and carriers of sacred songs. Through the Spa Ship, they bring their love for harmonic sound healing to the public.

The Spa Ship works with anywhere from 2-6 body workers at a time to offer individual sessions, and can also offer collective sound baths for many people at once. Spa Ship will be represented by Athena Llewellyn and Charles Day Halsey

Camille Eroy-Reveles MPH: Holistic Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor
Camille has journeyed the world in search of models for vitality, and those special moments when body, mind, soul, community, and Earth are One. She is passionate about reducing barriers to exercise, and enabling the pure ecstasy of movement, freedom and physical potential. In 2009 Camille founded NYC-based The L Trainer, a private fitness service that brings fitness, yoga, and vitality practices directly to clients in their homes. The service has since branched out to offer corporate wellness programs, workshops, and retreats. Be it a private yoga session, a high-intensity private fitness session, or a transformative retreat upstate, Camille will deliver an experience that celebrates mindbody fluency, self-love, and limitless living.

She has a Masters in Public Health from Columbia University; and has completed a 500 hour yoga teacher training with Mark Stephens, as well as many years of teaching continuing education in the fitness industry to such groups as The American Academy of Personal Training, Equinox Fitness, Focus Integrated Fitness, CLAY Fitness, and American Leisure.

Camille is offering a quick class on the little things you can do right now to improve vitality and feel fresh and aligned. 

Patti Ann Kelly: Breath Work, Meditation
Patti is a certified Hatha and Kundalini yoga teacher. She came to yoga after surviving a traumatic, near-death experience that opened her eyes to simply, so much more. It completely transformed her life, propelling her on a pathway of body-mind-spirit exploration across various traditions to discover the incredible resources right under our noses for lifelong vitality, mental balance and spiritual connection. The science of sound through chanting mantra, or naad yoga; an integral part of kundalini yoga, has been one of the most profound influences upon her journey, that has lead her to study in-depth with devotional chanting artist Snatam Kaur, as well as exploring sacred song tradition from around the world. Breath and sound are two of her favorite elements to combine to facilitate deep meditation and inner rejuvenation. 

Jeremy Frank: Atmospheric DJ
Jeremy Frank is a New York native musician currently living in New Jersey as Jersus. In collaboration with yoga instructor Patti Ann Kelly, Jersus provides a unique musical experience, demonstrating certain meditative techniques that can be folded into a person’s everyday routine, serving and nurturing the mind and soul. A graduate of Pyramind audio engineering school in San Francisco, Jeremy mainly composes on the computer with occasional tweeks of analog and acoustic instruments. He is currently writing, recording and producing a new album, with one already released called Masiah.

Consuelo Casarotto: Acupuncture
Consuelo is a licensed Acupuncturist who studied under Jeffrey Yuen, 88th generation Jade Purity Daoist Master. She practices Classical and Esoteric Acupuncture, an ancient health care tradition that sees healing as encompassing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realignment. Consuelo integrates other vibrational modalities: crystal, essential oils therapy, Shamanic wisdom and practices, and Sat Nam Rasayan; a healing technique which uses the contemplative mind to affect change. Consuelo’s Manhattan practice is near Assemblage John Street, and she lives in Brooklyn with her ten-year-old daughter and highest teacher, Sky.

Laura Mayer: Tongue Observation, Tea
Come enjoy a cup of tea and learn to listen to the innate wisdom of the body through tongue observation. Every symptom is a message trying to communicate something to us and we can use the tongue to tune into the root causes of our symptoms and the messages of our vital intelligence and the body's innate healing powers.

Laura is a rootsy herbalist and nurse who is passionate about food as medicine, herbs as allies and connection as guidance. She is dedicated to offering people support and inspiration through holistic healing that nourishes mind, body, soul, spirit and the Earth. Her offerings and services weave the traditions of Traditional Western Herbalism, Ayurveda, Astrology, Holistic Nursing, Native American teachings and the wisdom of the plants. Creating nourishing tea nest spaces, magic in the kitchen and connecting with the plants brings Laura continuous hope, inspiration and joy! 

Kiel Gerhard: Molecular Light Therapy & Natural Healing
Kiel Gerhard is the receiver of Molecular Light Therapy, certified Reiki Master, plant medicine maker, and a service-driven spiritual practitioner, who has catapulted thousands of people onto a life-changing journey of spiritual awakening and growth. He believes in bringing people back to their true nature and accelerating them on their life path. Ultimately, what Kiel does, is connecting people into a line of God (Source, Creator, Universe – call it by any other name), so that each individual can perform their Highest Service and positively transform the world for more peace, oneness, and God-consciousness.

Zahira & Fernando Ortega: Thetahealing, Wind Meditation
Thetahealing technique is a healing method, a meditation technique, and a spiritual philosophy with the purpose of getting closer to our own inner wisdom, inner truth and to all that is. It is a method for the mind, body and spirit that allows us to clear limiting beliefs and live life with positive thoughts, developing virtues in all that we do. Through meditation and prayer, and by engaging your own intuitive abilities, we believe that by changing your brain wave cycle to include the “Theta” state, you can watch the Creator of All That Is create instantaneous physical and emotional wellbeing. Through wind chimes and our words, we guide listeners to a meditative state where they will be able to experience the energy of all that is.

Zahira’s personal experience with trauma brought her to the Thetahealing® technique, of which she now serves as a practitioner and spiritual coach. Her purpose is to guide and help others attain their inner wisdom, and to create the life that they always desired and dreamt of. She and her husband Fernando also do work to help their community reach inner peace and happiness. Fernando grew up in the border town of Tijuana in Mexico, ambivalent to religious and spiritual matters, until a trip to the Mexican desert changed the way he saw the world completely. Since then, many teachers have helped increase his awareness of life and its possibilities; how we are capable of affecting influence on the world around us to create the reality we want to live. Together, Zahira and Fernando have formed a video production company, Faro Films. They now live in New York with their two children, Elise and Leonardo.

Groweesha (Madeline McCann): Meditation, Satsang, Drum Prayer
Madeline aka Groweehsa has been growing awareness and insight to the human experience for over 25 years. She has served in day cares, hospitals, schools, farms, addiction treatment centers, bars and restaurants as well as her own home as a mom of four sons. She is an LPC, LCADC in the state of New Jersey, an Kundalini Yoga Teacher, a hypnotist and singer songwriter. Founder of her own Center for Inspiration called Growing With the Seasons, Madeline developed a language of the heart and fostered many co-creations to support those who crossed her path to live their truth … and is the Perma Momma (keeper of the prayer) for PermaJam.

Madeline has truly been on an adventure of self-discovery and authentic expression for many years. With a deep love of nature, she has come to some basic truths in regards to self-sovereignty, right relation, and co-creation. She is a master at harmonizing hearts, families and communities. "From right relation and co-creation, we are building a new foundation”

About the Musicians:

Shivani Laura St. George: Music Therapist & Sound Healer
Shivani, raised in a musical family, fell in love with music from the start and has been singing and playing happily since. She followed her joy to complete her Master’s in Music Therapy from NYU and sings and plays music with a range of populations in her work, ranging from children with developmental delays to pregnant women to elders. Shivani is delighted to be studying classical Indian Voice with Samarth Nagarkar-Ji, as well as Peruvian, Ecuadorian, Lakota, and Canadian medicine music and Icaros with various First Nations teachers; including the amazing Susana Tapia Leon, Ecuadorian midwife and musician. She has also been playing a variety of singing bowls and bells since she first went to Bhutan as a little girl, including practicing and studying them for over ten years with Lama Gembo Dorji. Shivani, who returned from 2 months of music study and retreat in India in February, is excited to return to Bhutan and India in July and November for further in-depth work and research into Himalayan and Indian plants and music. She is elated to celebrate life and the magic of music with all of you. 

Kéren Or-Tayar
Kéren grew up in a multicultural environment where Western and Eastern musics were celebrated and influential, and at the age of seven, began her musical theater career performing on some of NYC’s prominent stages. She studied at the Berklee College of Music, where she was featured in many of the school’s major showcases. After graduating, she moved West, where she recorded her first album with her band, Jungle Fires.

As her career continues to develop and expand, Kéren enjoys collaborations with a variety of artists and producers and also tours and performs around the world. Since 2015, Kéren has been working with Steve Hackman on various projects and through these works, has been honored to perform with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, the Nashville Symphony, Colorado Music Festival, and many others.

After Kéren’s initiation into meditation practices and healing modalities, she began to use her musical skill set to accompany and deepen her practices, working with soundscape design, voice, indigenous/world instruments, singing bowls, and more. In her upcoming endeavor, Kéren will release her original compositions and arrangements for the first time as a solo artist in a new project. It is with deep gratitude that Kéren shares her gifts. 

phoebe v o: Goddess Greeter, Musician
Phoebe is a New York native with an intercultural musical style. Having moved to France at 17, and then to Lebanon at 21 where she studied Middle Eastern music theory and Oriental singing, her music has an unmistakable semitone flavor. Since moving back to NYC 4 years ago, she has been introduced into the world of meditation and prayer through song. Combining elements she’s integrated from her varied life experience, she has written, recorded and produced her own music for several years, though yet unreleased. Phoebe practices Reiki, Qi Gong and Tai Chi, and is incubating an intuitive healing art form melding sound with prayer and energy manipulation.