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THE INAUGURAL CSSC dinner began, as many ceremonies do, with doubts and beads of sweat, and questions. Not all ceremonies involve farmer’s market shiso, backyard basil pesto, riced cauliflower, and mammoth sauteed oyster mushrooms — what would the invitees make of it? Nothing was even ready for their arrival, the rainbow cornucopia of farm fresh food but a fancy prop, without the skilled hands and sufficient time. Add the withering stare of a gorgeous and important woman, unsettled and insistent: not enough had been done to prepare for our friends, tonight of all nights - the auspicious launch. Correct she was, disaster loomed, and yet somehow, she settled, we all settled in, soothed ourselves with kindness, with music, and then, a sweet bubbly kick of homemade soda, with fresh stevia and lemongrass garnish from the backyard garden. Flavors and feelings followed each in time, as we remembered songs and traversed new paths together. Looking back at the unfolding, I recall a bejeweled evening that never really ended. Ask any in attendance: the friendship and flavors have been emblazoned on my heart.

And that was even before the homemade vegan ice cream came out…mint cacao chip, with garden mint and raspberry garnish. If you haven’t had the experience, you really just can’t know what you’ve been missing.

Hope you’ll join us this Wednesday for our second in the series, there are only three slots left.

The theme is always integration, as in: making the most of this dream, Life.

Here’s what guests had to say:

“Best gourmet dinner ever! The cashew-mint ice cream is a masterpiece!” Aychele Hill, Manaos Beauty

“Absolutely…what a blessed evening! Really enjoyed that dessert!!! Wow!!!” Alexander Hill, Heal By Sound

“CSSC was a truly special experience! To be surrounded by so much love and peace was truly a blessing. It was a night full of growth, openness, and delicious food.” Nathan S.

“The people, the food, the connection between us, I felt transported into a frequency of new possibilities. My heart opened to accommodate more flow. Magic! It was an evening of magic! The sensuousness of the food in taste and color, nutritiousness, the sacred beauty of the space, the enchantment of the music sung and played, the Radiance of the people, the Love and the Vision shared, quite literally magical.” Sandra E., Psychotherapist


This week we have special guests Charmaine Waldrop, Kiril Ravensong & Jennifer Rocco, in NYC for a conference to explore the harnessing of land and community into food and revenue. Topics of discussion will include stewardship, festivals, new media, and education. A spirited and action-oriented discussion is bound to break new ground for all in attendance.


Imagine an intimate meal with a few special friends, called together to integrate visionary experiences and high aspirations, nourished by amazing, mostly vegan, farm-to-table dishes, prepared fresh with holy intention for our effervescent enjoyment and best health…

And then add a homemade vegan ice cream sundae. How does that sound?

That’s the gist of the CITY SANITY SUPPER CLUB, and you’re invited. The next CSSC is Wednesday, September 19, at 7 pm.

Integration is always the theme, and it looks different every time. Make your reservations today, spots fill up quickly. Donation $108, with a percentage of the proceeds to benefit one of the following organizations:

Blossom Dell Sanctuary -

Eileen S Kaminsky Family Foundation -

Permajam -

Families for Sensible Drug Policy -

Indigenous Cultural Education Center (ICEC) -

Chapel of Sacred Mirrors -

Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies -

Humans Unifying Global Solutions -

Earlier Event: July 12
Later Event: September 21