UNLOK // The Art of Gordon Kindlon

Gordon was born a white boy without a clue in the so-called United States of America, Charleston, SC, 1971. He kept the southern charm but moved up North for rearing, to Albany, NY, to cause minor trouble as much as possible before leaving that hamlet forever at 18.

California, Italy, Illinois, Vermont, Albania (they were glad to meet another Albanian), Kosovo, Macedonia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Sudan, and finally the streets of NY, led Gordon to his own epic and broadly applicable Eureka, the discovery of a new technology and power symbol for these times of change: UNLOK! Because despite hypnotic narratives of “Freedom and Justice” — all manner of locks, large, small, steel, psychic, societal and personal, block us from knowing our Highest Freedom and Harmony as souls here on Earth. There is no better “job” in Life than to go about UNLOCKING as many as we possibly can — not for chaos’ sake, but to reach for the best soul-felt answers to the challenges of these times.

“By any means necessary!” “If not NOW, then when?” “Yes We Can!”

This is a team effort. There are ample locks in our own lives ripe for surpassing, shattering even…and then there are the locks outside of us, the locks on the borders, locks in our workplaces and governance structures, locks on education and self-empowerment, locks that even keep modern humans enslaved in plain sight.

We are here to create a sane and healthy and safe planet for all, where violence and coercion of land and people are distant memories, and where community, creation and expression are the new grounds of our shared existence. New pathways forward emerge in our daily courageous and intentional walk.

Gordon performs spoken word and musical performance to explore these themes with an amazing cast of friends, and can be counted on to UNLOK bomber jackets, posters, handkerchiefs, and t-shirts for the growing family-tribe-posse-crew-entourage-flock.